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Inspired by God's love for humanity, Canadian Lutheran World Relief challenges the causes and responds to the consequences of human suffering and poverty.

Information and resources related to the Syrian refugee response



Please find below:

  • information on CLWR's current or past programs in support of Syrian refugees
  • ways you can help
  • resources you can use with your congregation at a worship service, fundraiser or another awareness raising event
  • information sessions CLWR is holding that relate to the Syrian refugee response




  • Click here for an infographic that shows how CLWR programs have been supporting refugees and internally displaced people from Syria, South Sudan, Somalia and Iraq
  • A blog on the refugee crisis today, refugee sponsorship at CLWR and how congregations can help.
  • Click here to see stories related to Syrian refugees on our blog


Ways you can help


Sponsor a refugee to come to Canada


  • A 3-page document with more comprehensive information on different types of refugee sponsorship and sponsoring group responsibilities.
  • For more information on the rigorous eligibility, admissibility and security screenings refugees undergo before being accepted to come to Canada, click here.
  • To donate furniture and other household items for arriving refugees, please click here to find out who is accepting donations in your city.



  • Make a designated offering donation to Syrian refugee relief at any Lutheran congregation in Canada.
  • Call 1.800.661.2597 or locally at 204.694.5602 (Monday to Friday, 8:30-4:30 CT)
  • Send a cheque made payable to CLWR, 600-177 Lombard Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0W5. Please indicate that you wish to donate to Syrian refugee relief.




  • Click here for a photo album - you can use these photos if you wish to make a display, add photos to a presentation, webpage or print document, etc. (to download a photo, click on the photo's thumbnail, then click the arrow button at the bottom right of the screen to select a size to download to your computer)