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Inspired by God's love for humanity, Canadian Lutheran World Relief challenges the causes and responds to the consequences of human suffering and poverty.

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International Partners


The Lutheran World Federation (LWF)  A global communion of Christian churches in the Lutheran tradition headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The LWF’s Department of World Service is the governing body for the majority of international programs supported by commodity shipments.

Lutheran World Relief (LWR): CLWR’s American sister agency.


Recipient Agencies:

Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH) 

LWF El Salvador

LWF Haiti 

LWF Jordan

LWF Kenya

LWF Malawi  

LWF Mauritania 

LWF Mozambique  

Lutheran Church–Canada Nicaraguan Mission  

Lutheran Communion in South Africa  

Lutheran Development Service - Liberia

Tanganyika Christian Refugee Service (TCRS) 



Domestic Partners:


Christian Gleaners: A volunteer based organization (with numerous chapters, i.e. Ontario, Fraser Valley) that converts donated produce into a highly nutritional vegetable soup mix. The soup mix is accessible by international relief agencies making shipments to the developing world.

Compassionate Resource Warehouse: Located in Victoria (BC) CRW is a clearinghouse for an incredible variety of donated goods. For many years they have supplemented the BC Baling Days shipment with sewing supplies, clothing, school supplies, tools and many other items.

International HOPE Canada: Providing professional medical supplies and equipment gathered in the Winnipeg area. CLWR now supplements most international shipments with their goods.

Lutheran Association of  Missionaries & Pilots (LAMP)A non-profit organization headquartered in Edmonton AB, providing spiritual and material aid to those living in Canada’s North. CLWR is happy to furnish LAMP with blankets and other gifts of warmth and comfort.

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)A global international development agency, focussed on peace building, community development, and material aid. CLWR & MCC have partnered many times on commodity shipments, notably the annual “BC Baling Days” in Abbotsford BC.  


The Lutheran Urban MinistryLocated in Winnipeg’s core area, the Urban operates a drop-in centre providing spiritual comfort and material aid, and serves three community meals per week. CLWR has happily provided the Urban with goods that we are not able to include in our international shipments



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