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International Headquarters

Karin Achtelstetter Karin Achtelstetter Executive Director 204.694.5602
Heather Platt Gerlinde Berglund Executive Assistant 204.631.0508
Carla Blakley Carla Blakley Community Relations Director 204.631.0504
Tom Brook Tom Brook Legacy Planning and Major Gifts Advisor 204.631.0115
Angie Chabbert Angie Chabbert Admin and HR Coordinator 204.631.0502
Richard Dyck Richard Dyck Finance Manager 204.631.0505
Becky Longhurst Donor & Community Relations Assistant 204.694.5602
Patricia Maruschak Patricia Maruschak Program Director 204.631.0116
Kristy Bergman Schroeder Program Manager 204.631.0503
Tyler Braun Tyler Braun Program Manager 204.631.0506
Maryanne Mutch Maryanne Mutch Senior Program and Policy Analyst 204.631.0118

We Care Program Warehouse

Cody Cleave Cody Cleave We Care Program Coordinator 204.631.0111
Ian Mair Ian Mair We Care Program Assistant 204.631.0111

Refugee Resettlement Office (SK, MB, Eastern Canada)

Jennifer Ardon Jennifer Ardon Refugee Resettlement Manager 519.725.8777
Heather Platt Heather Platt Program Manager 519.725.8777

Refugee Resettlement Office (BC, AB)

Senait Biadglign Senait Biadgilign Refugee Resettlement Officer 604.540.9760
Fikre Tsehai Fikre Tsehai Refugee & Migration Policy Advisor 604.540.9760

General Contact

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