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CLWR invites your support for the following special appeals.

Working Together appeal

Working Together

2018 is the 35th anniversary of Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Its goal is to end global hunger. CLWR has been a member right from the beginning. During this anniversary year, you are invited to join us in celebrating this partnership of Canadian churches through the Foodgrains Bank by making a special donation to our Working Together appeal. Your gift will enable us, working with other Canadian churches and local partners, to provide emergency food for those caught in famine or facing other urgent needs around the world.

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Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope

Your gift will provide small-scale farmers in Ethiopia with the life-giving water they need to grow healthy and nutritious food. Irrigation canals will be built and connected to their plots of land. These canals will provide water for them today, tomorrow and years to come.

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Refugee Sponsorship

Support Refugee Sponsorship

Donations are accepted to support the refugee sponsorship activities that CLWR provides to help churches and other groups to sponsor refugees. This may include meeting with potential sponsors, providing workshops and information, completing the administrative requirements for sponsorship, and assisting the refugee families when they arrive. 

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