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Home / Where We Work / Ethiopia / Amuli II Small-Scale Irrigation

Dates: 2014 – 2016

Funders: Canadian Foodgrains Bank and Aura National Regional State (ANRS Ethiopia)

Implementing partner: Support for Sustainable Development

Expected number of beneficiaries: 4,200 people


This project involved the construction and maintenance of irrigation infrastructure so families could achieve food self-sufficiency by diversifying their livelihoods.


Amina Mohammed Umer
In Afar, Ethiopia, Amina receieved her own plot of land that is irrigated by a newly constructed canal. She says that before the project, she and her children only ate milk and bread, but now they are able to produce their own grain, pulses and vegetables. When asked if she has seen any changes in the health of her children, she giggles and says, "Before they were skinny and now they are chubby."


Irrigation canal
An irrigation canal in Afar, Ethiopia.