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World Refugee Day 2021

Use these liturgical resources to mark World Refugee Day on Sunday, June 20 — join us in prayer, meditation and action about the plight of displaced people around the world, and God’s call for us to respond. 

CLWR World Refugee Day Congregational Resources (PDF with Communion liturgy, plus ideas for worship, hymn and scripture suggestions, prayers and children’s time)

Video Download Links

The following videos are freely available to download and incorporate into your service. Click any item in the list to download it immediately, or scroll down this page to preview videos.

Other Resources

Video Previews

Gathering Song

World Refugee Day 2021 - Opening Prayer

Welcome the Stranger

World Refugee Day 2021 - Confession & Forgiveness

Prayers of the People

Blessing & Sending

What role does Canadian Lutheran World Relief have in responding to the needs of refugees? 

  • Helps refugees resettle and find new homes and community in Canada through partnerships between CLWR and church sponsors
  • Provides emergency food and shelter for people displaced by conflict or disaster
  • Advocates with the Canadian government to designate refugee travel as an essential humanitarian undertaking, especially during the current worldwide pandemic

What action can you take to support the work of CLWR

  • Invite a speaker to learn more about refugee sponsorship
  • Volunteer to serve on a sponsorship committee
  • Use tools like Forced to Flee, a group experience that puts you in the shoes of someone displaced by conflict, to transform thinking and inspire action in your community
  • Use the hashtag #worldrefugeeday to show your support for the plight of the millions of people who become refugees every year 
  • Click here to learn more about refugee resettlement from CLWR’s refugee resettlement team
  • Make a designated donation on-line at to help settle refugees here in Canada and provide a caring community and a welcoming home for them

Remember… love your neighbour as yourself… you can make a difference!