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Gaza Humanitarian Emergency

Help provide hope, comfort and life-saving aid to families affected by this crisis.

Tiny Hearts - Whole classroom

Choose gifts for the Tiny Hearts in your life, and you’ll help give someone access to schooling, a career, and a new future!

Water for women

In Myanmar, where women face regular safety risks, a Lifestraw unit in a women's centre can provide regular clean water for 60+ women and girls.

Fight drought

In Ethiopia, drought has put farmers at risk of losing their livelihoods, with many forced to leave their homes. Your gift can give farmers hope through the construction of irrigation canals that will connect farmers’ fields to a steady water supply.

Nature-based solutions

As we restore and transform ecosystems where life is at threat, we can put food on tables, prevent disease, limit disaster, support sustainable, growing economies, and help limit how much our world warms.

Clean drinking water for a community

Everyone should be able to get enough clean water to meet their daily needs. You can build a well in a refugee settlement, which will provide refugees the life-giving water they need. Water for one community: $2,000

Where needed most

Clean water, emergency food, a new source of income, hope in crisis — what will your gift become?

Ukraine appeal

Provide support to those affected by the crisis in Ukraine

Emergency water

When families are facing disaster, clean water saves lives. Your gift will provide a family with a safe source of water while they get through crisis. Water for one family during crisis: $30

Start a livestock farm

Give a displaced family the start of a new life with a rooster and four hens, 5 sheep, 4 goats, a dairy cow and an ox for farming. One new family livestock farm: $1,200

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When you collect funds through a fundraising page on our website, CLWR will handle tax receipts and tracking the total raised towards your fundraiser. We'd also be happy to help get the word out about your fundraiser! We can provide support including:

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  • CLWR brochures and promotional resources
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