Church resources

Since 1946, the work of CLWR has been possible because of churches in Canada partnering in mission.

Your efforts to help your congregation engage with our work are so important—thank you! Please use these resources however you're able, and let us know what else would help your church join together in the work of compassion and justice.

Heidi Van Schaik, the Church Relations Manager at CLWR, is working with congregations across Canada in finding ways for members to engage with CLWR’s mission. Feel free to reach out to her with questions or comments at or 204-631-0504 or 1-800-661-2597 ext 204.

Here are some of the ways congregations across Canada are supporting—and being part of—CLWR’s mission: Church Engagement Ideas (PDF)

If you're a church planning a fundraiser, you can create a fundraising page for your event. Click here to start your fundraiser now!

If you'd like us to send you print copies of brochures, posters or other resources listed below, please email us at!


In response to the humanitarian emergency unfolding in Gaza, CLWR is joining leading Canadian aid agencies in the Humanitarian Coalition in seeking to provide critical life-saving aid to those affected. Your support means aid can get to families who need it so badly. Here are some resources you can use to spread the word on Sunday morning:

Gaza Humanitarian Emergency Appeal Resources

Link to Donate to the Gaza Humanitarian Emergency Appeal

Thank you for helping us promote our 2023 Gifts from the Heart Christmas catalogue within your congregation. We've created resources to help you spread the word:

Gifts from the Heart church resources

Gifts from the Heart web store

Gifts from the Heart - 2023 Catalogue 

Gifts from the Heart - 2023 Order Form

Thank you for sharing our emergency appeals with your congregation. Your congregation's support is providing real help and hope to those affected. Below,  you'll find  impact reports and other resources which you may wish to share with your congregation:

Resources for Crisis in East Africa

Türkiye & Syria Earthquake Response

Pakistan Flood Response

Ukraine Crisis Response

Want to dedicate a Sunday to engaging with global issues, or need to fill a Sunday on the calendar? Feel free to integrate some of these liturgical resources:

World Refugee Day resources

World Food Day resources

Blessing of the Animals resources

Worship resources from Canadian Foodgrains Bank (link to CFGB website)

CLWR 75th Anniversary Service of Celebration and Thanksgiving

Use these resources in your classroom or church building to help people stay connected to our work!

PDF of the CLWR Annual Report 2021-22

PowerPoint slide of the CLWR Annual Report 2021-22

Project Map Placemat 2023 - An 11"×17″ placemat/poster showing where your support is making a difference

Partnership Newsletter - Winter 2023 - Double issue that includes updates on the Ukraine and Pakistan emergency appeals and a feature story on refugee sponsorship

Partnership Newsletter - Fall 2022 - Includes updates on Ethiiopia and South Sudan and features a story about a Limonade stand raising money for Ukraine

Partnership Newsletter - Spring 2022 - Includes updates on Ukraine, Ethiopia and Uganda and features a refugee resettlement story

Partnership Newsletter - Winter 2022 - Double issue that includes updates on Haiti and India emergency appeals and a feature story on refugee resettlement

Here are some specific examples of what your congregation's giving has accomplished recently!

Impact of your gift to fight hunger

Ukraine Impact Report  - 2022

Pakistan Flood Impact Report -2022

Use these resources in your classroom or church to help people stay connected to our work!

CLWR's Advent Calendar of Kindness - Spread kindness this Advent season with CLWR

Vacation Bible School (VBS) Resources - Supplementary resources for VBS activities

CLWR Bible Studies - Designed to help congregations delve deeper into the challenges leading to injustices around the world

Make Room at the Table - A group activity for World Refugee Day

Refugee Experience Youth Resource - Sunday School lesson: refugee life

Forced to Flee - A group simulation on forced migration from our partners at Canadian Foodgrains Bank (Click to download from the CFGB website)