Gaza Humanitarian Emergency Response

In response to the humanitarian emergency unfolding in Gaza, CLWR is seeking to provide critical life-saving aid to those affected.

Estimates indicate that 1.9 million people have been forced to leave their homes and over 29,000 killed in Gaza. CLWR's partners have been responding since early in the crisis, and our funds are at work, providing emergency financial support to families affected by the crisis. Our initial response focuses on providing cash for basic needs, restoring basic water and sanitation services, shelter, and critical supplies including kitchen sets, bedding and hygiene supplies. Hundreds of families have been selected carefully based on need, with a focus on women-headed households. CLWR funds are also allowing the maintenance of three communal shelters that are housing large numbers of displaced people who lack access to functional hygiene and sanitation facilities.

CLWR continues its call for all sides in the conflict to protect civilian lives and allow humanitarian aid to reach those in need as quickly as possible. 

Please join us in prayer for those affected and spread the word amongst your congregation. Your support means aid can get to families who need it so badly. Here are some ways you can spread the word on Sunday morning:


Gaza Humanitarian Emergency

Help provide hope, comfort and life-saving aid to families affected by this crisis.

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