Food security & livelihoods

Improving people’s access to sustainable and nutritious food sources through agricultural support, training and infrastructure development.

With your support, CLWR works with small-scale farmers to improve their food production and increase their incomes through the provision of agricultural and marketing training, constructing irrigation systems, protecting watersheds and preventing soil erosion.

Food security

Access to adequate food is the most basic of human needs and rights. Food not only affects people's health and well-being, but also their productivity. Food security is the consistent and reliable access to adequate and nutritious food for all people. A person's food security is affected by factors like supply and income as well as how food is distributed within households. Adverse weather conditions, political instability, or economic factors (unemployment, rising food prices) also have an impact on food security. 



In developing countries, many people get some or all of their food and income by growing crops, gathering food, fishing or raising animals. Better food security means improving these livelihoods. Your support allows CLWR to work with vulnerable farmers in providing training on agricultural techniques and production methods as well as tools and equipment, helping them become highly productive and resilient to climate change. 


Gender roles

Women are vulnerable on all dimensions of food security. Within the household, because of a weaker bargaining position, they frequently eat least, last and least well. Because agricultural gender inequalities remain strong, women farmers are particularly at risk of hunger, especially when crisis strikes. CLWR aims to combat this issue by focusing on women farmers and women-led households and providing training on issues such as gender-based violence.



CLWR is a member of Canadian Foodgrains Bank, whose goal is a world without hunger. 


Recent impacts:

1,200 households in Burundi receiving farm starter kits

1,300 families
in Ethiopia with food and income from their own farms

600 families
in El Salvador protected from drought and flood by weather-indexed climate insurance

Ongoing/recent food security and livelihood projects:

Burundi | Ensuring long-term food security

Ethiopia | Initiating an integrated approach

El Salvador | Protecting small-scale farmers


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