May 11, 2023

Burundi | Ensuring long-term food security

In Burundi, conflict and a changing climate have left thousands of families facing hunger —and single mothers like Euphemie are facing the worst of it.

Thanks to your support, our local partners are providing both immediate food assistance and longer-term livelihood support to vulnerable families like hers. Families are being provided livelihood training, equipment, supplies, livestock, and seeds to grow their own food, improving the family’s nutrition and developing new income sources.

For Euphemie, the emergency food rations meant being able to feed her children while she continued working on other people’s lands. Then, through our partnership with Canadian Foodgrains Bank, she was able to build a home and start her own farm. Euphemie borrowed funds to invest in avocado farming, and received training on modern farming plus the tools to increase what she can produce.

Euphemie has plans for more, and says that with your support, “I can continue on my journey of becoming a great farmer.”

Photo caption: Ningabire Euphemie, who lives in the Cankuzo province of Burundi with her husband and five children, is a leader in her community. (Photo: CLWR/Arnaud Mugisha)