Türkiye/Syria Earthquake Response


CLWR is responding to the devastating earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria.

The situation for these already vulnerable and displaced populations has been made almost inconceivably worse, as their makeshift camps are not equipped to withstand an earthquake of this magnitude, and many have lost their homes during a cold snap with overnight temperatures below freezing. 

Our partners on the ground in the ACT Alliance have been delivering critical aid since the first hours after the earthquake.  

Your support of CLWR's appeal is allowing our partners to respond. Your gifts are providing life-saving shelter, medical care, food and blankets to those affected.

Please join us in praying for those affected, and by giving generously to support their urgent humanitarian needs. 

Please use the materials below to share with your congregation about the impact of your gifts! Your support means aid can get to communities who need it so badly. Here are some resources you can use to spread the word on Sunday morning: