Spring Appeal - Tigray
Help provide families in Tigray, Ethiopia, the protection of safe houses, psychosocial support, and livelihood training.

The Tigray War 2020-2022 decimated the region. Brutal attacks on civilians and their homes created mass internal displacement that is still affecting millions of people today.  

Unaccompanied women and children. Protection issues and gender-based violence. No housing. No clean water. No food. Mass trauma. 

With your help, we can respond to the immediate effects of that devastating and traumatic conflict, in which families lost not only their livelihoods but their feelings of safety and security, too. 

A gift of just $40 will support a family that has suffered from the trauma of conflict and hunger. How many families will you help today?

Would you like to provide families with longer-term support by delivering seeds, materials for building shelters, and cash relief to help avoid negative coping mechanisms, as well as repairing water pumps and offering training on income generating activities? If yes, then join our community of Monthly Donors today!
Once we have met our objectives for supporting families in Tigray, your monthly gifts and other gifts we receive for this appeal will be used to help respond to new emerging humanitarian issues, helping families all over the world. 

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