Safe Spaces for Women in Uganda
Help provide counselling and skills training for refugee women and girls in Northern Uganda

For years, South Sudanese women and girls have faced unspeakable violence and emotional trauma. They’ve fled their homes. Their country. Their loved ones.

Now, they need our support. 

We’re only $50,000 away from providing essential support like counselling and skills training.

Will you help us get this critical project over the finish line?

Women and girls from South Sudan are fighting to support their families—after years of experiencing unthinkable violence and emotional trauma in their home country.

But that’s not all. Years of extreme weather like drought and heat, regional conflict and the recent supply chain issues have only made their lives harder. This resilient group of women and girls need your support and they need it now!

Today, a gift of just $29.14 can help provide counselling and skills training for TEN women or girls who have fled their home country for the safety of another.

Together with the Government of Canada, we have built Safe Spaces in Northern Uganda so that these women and girls can receive the support and community they need to rebuild their lives.

We are $50,000 away from the funds needed to equip these shelters with critical services like counselling, health care, legal aid, skills training in the areas of tailoring, soap making, hairdressing, finance… and more!

Your compassion has the power to get us over the finish line. To rebuild lives. To provide South Sudanese refugees with the tools to make their own income and start a life free from fear and pain.

Can they count on you today?

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