Jul 6, 2020

COVID-19 hunger crisis

Urgent Appeal: COVID-19 Hunger Crisis

COVID-19 has quickly changed our world, and while in Canada we’ve had some success at flattening the curve, in other regions around the world the coronavirus is threatening not just sickness, but a food crisis not seen in many decades.

The global pandemic is already causing high levels of hunger for many people. The impacts of movement restrictions, closed businesses, lost livelihoods, and disrupted supply chains are being felt by families already facing difficult situations and could create a large-scale hunger catastrophe in the year ahead. We’ve received countless warnings about food shortages from international agencies and our partners on the ground. As communities fight the pandemic, they’re also facing the reality of severe disruptions to their food supply, on top of ongoing droughts and other preexisting challenges.


Namana Lomor is a young woman from South Sudan whose family is receiving emergency help through the Foodgrains Bank. Photo:Matthew Sawatzky

Thanks to our partnership with Canadian Foodgrains Bank, you can help our global neighbours with urgent food relief that will be matched by as much as 4:1. A donation of just $35, which would provide one family with emergency food for two weeks, could now provide the same support to four additional families because of government matching funds.

Will you give life-saving food to families who are facing severe hunger as a consequence of the pandemic? Click here to make a donation that will be matched up to 4:1 — your support is essential for families facing hunger.
A woman holds a handful of grain.

As Canada wages an urgent battle with this virus here at home, we must not forget about people at risk in other parts of the world. We believe Canada’s support for the world’s most vulnerable is needed now more than ever — but right now just 0.28% of Canada’s income goes to foreign aid. That’s barely over one cent from every four dollars. Any further drop to that number could be devastating for millions. 

Will you let the Federal Government know you support Canada’s efforts to help people facing hunger, especially now? Click here to send an electronic postcard to your Member of Parliament — your voice can make a difference.

COVID-19 is having a devastating impact around the world. Thank you for helping Canada be a leader in the global response. Your support and compassion mean our global neighbours do not have to fight this battle alone. 

To support our response to the COVID-19 hunger crisis, click here