May 11, 2023

Nicaragua | Supporting children’s education

When families don’t have enough to eat, it means children going to school hungry, unable to focus and struggling to learn, or even missing school completely. In Nicaragua, your gifts are keeping kids in school, learning, and growing with full bellies! 

Across 23 communities in Nicaragua, children are receiving financial help to stay in school, extra learning supports and hot meals at school. 

Our local partners are working with schools throughout the country. Children from the most vulnerable families are being provided scholarships to support their education. The scholarships help provide for school uniforms, shoes, and school supplies. It also covers stipends for tutors and classroom supplies, and children in need of support are receiving tutoring and homework support.

A daily meal program also means a good meal for kids who might be hungry otherwise. 

The feeding program is currently being expanded, with new kitchens being built in several congregations.

Photos courtesy of David Friesen