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Berzegen Yimam is a participant in a project in northern Ethiopia that’s designed to help small-scale farmers increase their food production. Erratic rainfall, limited irrigation systems and land degradation are some of the challenges these farmers face.

Berzegen is the secretary of a watershed conservation committee in Lalibela, Ethiopia. This committee manages and maintains the irrigation systems. She’s seen firsthand the difference that investing in irrigation systems and watershed conservation makes.

“Before there was only one permanent spring in the area,” she says. “Now there are three.”

Berzegen received training to be a surveyor for the project, a role typically held by men. She’s responsible for ensuring that the water conservation structures are built level and can stop the process of soil erosion. Additionally, the watershed in her region is now producing grasses that can be harvested to feed livestock.

Your support makes it possible for women like Berzegen to increase their food production for themselves, their families and their communities. Thank you!