Other Ways to Donate

Here is how you can make a gift to CLWR by e-transfer:
  1. E-transfer your donation to donations@clwr.org.
  2. Then, send a follow-up email to donations@clwr.org with the following information:
    - the name(s) of the donor(s)
    - the donor's address (for tax receipt purposes)
    - what the donation is for (if applicable) - e.g., a particular appeal, or simply ‘where needed most’, etc.
  3. Your donation will be automatically deposited and we will send you a charitable receipt.
Here is how you can donate to CLWR using stocks and shares:
  1. Download the stock transfer form from here.
  2. Fill in the form and hand it to your financial advisor.
  3. Our financial advisor will notify us when your gift is received and we will then send you a charitable receipt.

Please email donations@clwr.org or call us at 1-800-661-2597 if you have any questions or concerns!