Settlement plans


To sponsor refugees with CLWRCGs should form a Refugee Committee. The committee will need to create a task list, and appoint task leaders for activities such as:

Settlement activities include, but are not limited to:

Once sponsored refugees arrive in Canada, they are permanent residents and eligible for provincial health coverage and a Social Insurance Number.  Their sponsorship year starts the day they arrive in Canada, so their financial and settlement needs must be covered by the sponsoring group, and they should not be accessing social assistance programs during this period.  Failure to meet to the sponsorship obligations can result in a sponsorship breakdown, which should be avoided at all costs.


The IRCC requires that sponsors cover both rent and daily needs expenses for 1 full year. The monthly financial support provided must least meet the minimum, or be equivalent to, the amounts in the Refugee Assistance Program (RAP) in the community of settlement. The amounts differ based on the province and city. You can find the RAP rates for your area here:  The monthly income support would cover: rent, utilities, food and incidentals, adult public transit passes, and communication allowance.

Sponsoring groups must also provide refugees with start-up costs, which are a one-time payment and/or in-kind support for establishing their household. You can find more information here: staff will assist your sponsoring group with finding out the required amount to sponsor a refugee family or individual in your area.

A contribution of funds to sponsor a family member through CLWR is not eligible for a charitable receipt as there is a personal benefit (private benevolence) to the contributor. These funds are refundable if the sponsorship cannot proceed.


We strongly advise you to read the following information on your responsibilities as a sponsor and the rights of privately-sponsored refugees:

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