Jan 23, 2018

New We Care kit videos

Since 1946, CLWR has sent aid to people experiencing need around the world. CLWR’s We Care Program continues to ship thousands of urgently needed supplies every year through the donations of dedicated congregations, service groups and individuals like you. Your gifts of love are received by people affected by poverty or displaced by war, hunger or natural disaster, and are vital to the operation of hospitals, schools, refugee camps and development programs. Your support changes lives. Thank you!

Hygiene Kit

Each year, you provide thousands of people with Hygiene Kits, ensuring they have the basic toiletries they need for comfort and dignity.

Hygiene Kit

Learning & Living Kit

When you create Learning & Living Kits, you are providing children worldwide with the basic supplies they need to learn and stay healthy.

Learning & Living Kit

Learn more about how you can become involved in our We Care Program. Your support makes this program possible!