A healthy, sustainable world — for everyone.

We're one of Canada's oldest and most trusted humanitarian organizations.

Your gift to CLWR makes you a partner with displaced and food-insecure people as they develop solutions that last, so all people can live in peace with dignity and hope.

Photo of woman farmer in Burundi

Help children in Nicaragua

Help make sure that school children are clothed, fed, and given the tools they need to thrive in school.

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Woman at water pump in Myanmar

Responding to need.

When communities are devastated by disaster, drought or conflict, your gifts provide life-saving support as families get through crisis and begin to recover. Everywhere we work, our response is guided by the voices of the people we serve.

  1. Supporting families fleeing violence in Sudan
  2. Responding to the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria
  3. Helping families affected by the crisis in Ukraine

Challenging the causes.

We're working for a world where everyone lives in peace, so it's not enough to deal with problems as they come up. We're challenging root causes so that no one is hungry, no one has to flee their home, and no one is denied their rights.

  1. Addressing long-term food security: Violette's story
  2. Refugee resettlement: Walaa's story
  3. Protecting small-scale farmers in El Salvador: Julio's story
Woman farmer in El Salvador

Church resources

Through CLWR, your congregation is part of a global movement for justice! Help your congregation engage with our mission with our easy-to-use resources.

  1. Gifts from the Heart resources
  2. Complete list of church resources

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